The abundance of oil and natural gas in Canada

The abundance of oil and natural gas in Canada provides the nation with the greater financial flexibility to undertake critical infrastructural developments that maintain the country’s profile as a modern state. For example, in 2020, the products mentioned above netted about $105 billion into Canada’s GDP. They also enhanced the number of raw materials necessary to construct bridges, buildings, and machinery. Therefore, the resources are vital assets to the nation because they contribute a great deal to the much-needed fiscal revenues, income generation for numerous homes, and the reduction of poverty levels across the country (Mining Association of Canada 1). However, a decline in the manufacturing sector jobs within the last decade has negatively impacted the employment market due to the workers’ lower-than-average wages. As such, there is a gradual slump in the labor force within this subsector, thus limiting the society’s potential to increase its per capita income. 

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