The Adult Learning Theory

Introduction The organization that I will be designing for is Camp Power. The program’s main/demographic focus will be on the Latino Community. The program that my group is proposing to design is bringing the Latino Community to Camp Power “Hogar lejos del Hogar” (Home away from home). The overall goal is to bring those in the Latino community to be involved in the activities that Camp Power brings and to promote unity in the community. When the guest speaker from Camp Power came to discuss ideas, it was mentioned that some people in the community may be undocumented. There might be a fear that if they were to be involved in Camp Power, they would be found out to be an undocumented citizen and deported. That is not the goal. Hogar lejos…show more content…
The Adult Learning Theory is based on understanding how adults learn and how they respond to the program in general. Researchers have found three key methods on how adults learn: experiential learning, transformational learning, and non-Western and Indigenous ways of knowing and learning (CITE). In Experiential Learning, adults learn through the experiences they have lived. Transformational Learning, on the other hand, is a “process in which adult learners question their own lives and how they interact with the world in which they live in” (CITE). Thus meaning that adults learn through situations that challenge their own thoughts about something and makes them reevaluate their original thought process. Lastly, Non-Western and Indigenous ways of knowing and learning is a bit complicated in adult learning as it is hard to find ways to categorize it. Despite the difficulty, there are four reoccurring themes in Non-Western and Indigenous learning: Communal nature of learning, the oneness of learners with the natural world, the oral tradition of learning, and knowledge as holistic (CITE). Further elaboration on this type of adult learning reflects on understanding cultural differences and the value of

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