The American Agricultural Trend Homework

The American Agricultural Trend Homework
The Reader Response assignment allows you to deeply explore the literary and rhetorical tools used in a specific essay or speech. For this assignment, you will read the report Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear found in Lunsford pp. 683 and examine Barlett and Steels’s narrative approach. How did their message impact how you feel about the foods you and your family currently consume? Are you more or less concerned as a result of this article? Will the report influence foods you buy in the future? Why or why not? Explore the report’s narrative strategy and the key points it raised. How did the author’s get the message across and maintain your interest? What tools did they use to substantiate their claims Last, review the last segment of the article titled, The Next Battlegroundand discuss how this portion influenced the overall impact the report had on its audience.
Aim for a standard five paragraph essay using this format:
Introduction briefly summarizes the overall message of the narrative that ‘ends’ with a single sentence thesis statement.
Example thesis: “The report by Barlett and Steel completely changed my opinion of the food industry”
The supporting paragraphs (paragraphs 2, 3, and 4) should focus on three specific points about the author’s narrative. Use the prompt questions as your guide but do not let the essay read as if you are just answering the questions. Create fully developed (five sentences or more) supporting paragraphs that include one short quote from the reading correctly cited in MLA format. (One sentence quotes only—no block quotes)
End the response with a full conclusion paragraph that summarizes your overall reaction to the text.
Length: 300 to 500 words
Point of View: Limited first person point of view. You can use me/my/we/our/us or he/she/it/they pronouns freely. You ‘cannot’ use the “I” or the “you/your” pronouns in this assignment.
Remember that you are the narrator so the “I” pronouns are implied—you do not need them.
Instead of, “I think Blomberg used ethos effectively.”
Go with, “Blomberg used ethos effectively.”

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