The basics of entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is the process of identifying and pursuing opportunities that maximize social impact. It can be in any industry, sector, or firm, whether small or big, new or old, religious or secular. This report focuses on social entrepreneurship in the tourism sector. Social entrepreneurs are creative and self-driven individuals or groups curious about bringing about change in society by venturing into new opportunities to benefit a community. Responsible and sustainable practices in tourism social entrepreneurship can lead to innovative development strategies with the local communities at the forefront. Community social enterprises operating in tourism often involve local businesses such as hotels and recreation centers. These local businesses can raise standards and open up developing disadvantaged and underdeveloped communities to business opportunities with proper investment. They can address social problems, maximize the benefits and minimize the negative impacts to host gatherings (Aquino et al., 2018). The social enterprises employ specific mechanisms, such as investing in the local community’s education and favoring local vendors and merchants, as ways in which social tourism businesses can disseminate value to the community and create a more equitable form of tourism.
The idea of promoting and empowering social tourism enterprises is to run a sustainable tourism business that allows everyone involved in providing a high-quality experience for visitors on holiday who pay handsomely for the quality and value of services they receive. Empowered social entrepreneurs within a community invest in a manner that reflects the community’s culture and needs, maximizing benefits and minimizing cultural erosion. Tourism companies outside the community work in conjunction with the local social enterprises, providing them with clients, developing products, training, mentoring to ensure they competitively become the destination’s manager for other tour operators who are bringing tourists. All of the companies can make profits and improve the lives of the community members. Where possible, social tourism companies try to ensure that every holiday has an identifiable local benefit, such as building community projects, i.e., school buildings, water, electricity, and environmental conservation projects. Local social enterprises are well aware of the community challenges and pride in protecting community values. They ensure that other tour operators observe social consciousness, creating long-term benefits in social value from their holidays for the local partners, owners, and community.
Sustainable social tourism involves investing in many successful tourism projects in which community institutions and businesses organizations work together to generate financial and social profit for the entire community. These projects change and shape their environments positively; most communities make money and develop. A tourism model that thinks in terms of social capital and financial return can create a vibrant local economy from the holidays and sustain community customs and ways of life by committing to observing and incorporating societal culture in business operations. In some cases, sustainable social entrepreneurship in tourism has helped set up co-operatives and businesses in remote village areas with no access to tourism. Employees of tour operating companies are locals, who are well trained, developed, and allowed to create a long-term career out of tourism and receive funding and encouragement to grow as they work.
Aquino, Richard S., Michael Lück, and Heike A. Schänzel. “A conceptual framework of tourism social entrepreneurship for sustainable community development.” Journal of Hospitality and Tourism 

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