The different opportunities of Rolex in the future

Question 3
The different opportunities of Rolex in the future with regard to the growth and sustainability of the competitive advantage are as follows:- 

In this modern world customers are having the ability to spend more on the different luxurious products and also they want to invest in the premium brands to maintain a much richer social status and reputation. 
Rolex could effectively introduce different product lines with its brand name attached to it so that the market of the luxurious watch may be explored and the different opportunities may be utilised to the fullest so that it may derive maximum profit from the process and it will also enable it to growth and sustainability of the competitive advantage in the future. 
Over the few years, Rolex has invested a huge amount of money in the online platform, and years to come, all the activities will be done online, mainly the selling aspect, and this has greatly helped it in getting more customers through the online channel (Fern Fort University, 2022).  In the next few years, the company can explore this opportunity by knowing their probable customer and fulfilling their needs through analysis of big amounts of data. 
New and different trends in consumer behaviour can create an opportunity for a new market for Rolex which will greatly enable them to diversify their activities into the new product categories. 

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