ANALYSIS: THE DUTY TO WARN AND THE TARASOFF RULE 2 Analysis: The Duty to Warn and the Tarasoff Rule in Texas In recent years, mass shootings and terroristic acts of violence are headline news on television, social media, and newspapers. Unfortunately, these occurrences are more common, and the public view the growing issue as a mental health problem. These events can present themselves in the community, hospitals, emergency rooms, or mental health clinics. In any event, health care providers in Texas face ethical the dilemmas on what responsibility they have, if any, to warn and protect third parties of an intent to harm a named or unidentified individual. The focus of this analysis paper will educate the reader on the background and history of landmark cases with a focus on the historic Tarasoff Case, policy and legal issues, what the duty to warn means for Texas, what benefit nurses and providers will gain from the analysis, and recommendations for Texas providers.

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