The Economic Effects Of Tourism

As the earth heats due to global warming caused by pollution, the temperatures are rising and creating a shift in the water environment, slowly damaging the earth. As this continues, more birds are getting stuck in six-pack plastic rings, turtles are getting straws stuck up their nose, and more penguins are getting oil stuck in their feathers. The looks of the atrocious scenes shown above have created a worsening economy for the tourism industry, “polluted rivers are marrying the reputation of our nation’s capital, when the rivers are dirty it influences tourists in a negative way.” (Corporate Pollution n.pag.). When the United States has trashy beaches, with a dead whale on shore, and a large pipe dumping sewage into the water greeting tourists, it does not exactly create a wonderful experience, and the United States will surely not expect to see that tourist again. This creates a divot in the tourism industry with an estimated loss of close to one billion dollars through the fall of water-based activities (The Effects: Economy n.pag.). The weakening tourism is not the only factor dragging down the economy in the context of water pollution. Property values, commercial fishing, recreational businesses and other sectors that depend on clean water are also being affected. The prices of houses can drop by twenty-five percent if filthy water is surrounding the property (The Effects: Economy n.pag.). Nutrient pollution annually causes the commercial fishing industry tens of

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