The effective procurement strategy of the Volkswagen company

Effective procurement strategies
The effective procurement strategy that the company Volkswagen should follow and implement in their business are: identify the current cost that helps to understand the gap between the procurement process and this strategy will help the company in negotiating the prices and current market value related to the product. Rectifying the correct and proper supplier needs some key lament in the procurement strategy as it divides the product into two parts to categories the differences and save the cost. Improve and develop various targets that achieve success to the company as allows the visibility of the cost, quality of the products that tends to bring more profit in the marketplace to achieve success for Volkswagen (OptimizeMRO, 2021). Managing the supplier risk as the procurement strategy always tends to take risks and this is suitable for new companies but in the systemic and strategic system the company may face a lot of risks, so Volkswagen always maintain the relationship with the supplier to manage the risks. 

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