The Effects Of Occupational Safety

Personal Statement
Eyes scanning from left to right, dials and switches turning on and off, pilots verbally communicating back and forth; all occurring thousands of feet up in the air. The ability to divert one ‘s attention across the user interface of the cockpit, while simultaneously flying the airplane, in continuous observation of stimuli outside of the plane, and verbally communicating with the flight staff, was an eye-opening experience. I was transfixed in how two pilots and one flight engineer were absorbed in the numerous tasks affiliated with flying, as I stood watch as a passenger in the cockpit of C-130. My initial thought was, how stressful of an environment to perform so many tasks, at such a quick pace. Intrigued by this question, I narrowed down my interests in psychology to the investigation of how stress, motivation, and task variation can effect attention and performance under threatening environments. Furthermore, how those constructs effect occupational safety and dictate human performance within a work environment. More specifically, I am interested in exploring the question of what countermeasures can be used to improve how we attend to important information under stress-induced work environments. Every individual is not equipped with the right skills to endure graduate school, but with my strong determination to push for more, the curiosity for research that tremors off my bones, and the substantial amount of research experience that I have acquired

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