The end of the semester Training Program

MAN 6359
Effective Training Plan Template
This document is to be used as a template for both:
The end of the semester Training Program.
The Team Training you will be conducting in class.
You must ensure that you cover all sections included in this template.
Full credit on this project will depend on both the completeness and comprehensiveness of your training program in following this template.
Your introduction section should be no longer than two pages.
This template parallels the chapters in your text.
References and information needed to accurately complete these sections can be found in the text and will be facilitated during our lecture sessions and team break out sessions
It is the students ultimate responsibility to ensure that they are well read and informed of all the and information needed in order to complete both projects.
1. Introduction
a. A two-page introduction that informs the reader as to why you chose the specific subject matter you did?
i. Why is the training important?
ii. What is the utility of the training?
iii. What impact will it have on the firm?
b. What applied effect and consequence will it have for both the organization and your own personal development?
2. Training Needs Analysis
a. Inputs
i. Organizational Analysis
2. Measured and expressed at each variable.
ii. Operational Analysis
2. Measured and expressed at each variable.
iii. Person Analysis
2. Measured and expressed at each variable.
b. Identify Performance Discrepancies
i. Based on your analysis of the above three levels within the organization
ii. What were the discrepancies apparent between the Actual and Expected Performance at each level?
c. Decide what are the training needs
i. What can be addressed through training? What cannot?
3. Training design
a. Design
i. Method of training to be used
1. Creating a link through theory and support as to why your chosen methodology suits your training.
ii. Time allocation
iii. How will the training be administered and allocated to allow for the best outcome possible (considering restraints as well)
iv. Number of trainees
v. Voluntary or Mandatory training
vi. On or off-site training
b. Training objectives
i. Trainee reaction objectives
1. Affect / Motivation / Need / Attitude
ii. Learning objectives
1. Pre and Post Training Retention and Effectiveness
2. What do you want the trainees to learn?
iii. Transfer of training objectives
1. Future oriented / Job related transfer of training to the .
2. What do you want the trainees to do change/do on the job?
iv. Organizational objectives
1. Aggregated effects of training in overall organizational outcomes
2. How is your training going to impact the firm as a whole?
4. Training method
a. Which method best suits your goals and why?
i. Lectures, discussions, and demonstrations
ii. Computer based training
iii. Simulations
iv. On-the-job training
b. Whatever choices you make have to be supported with theory and utility.
5. Training development
a. How do you put it all together?
i. Facilities
ii. Trainer
iii. Equipment
b. How do you best combine method and development to create an effective training intervention?
6. Training Evaluation
a. How will the training intervention be evaluated?
i. Effectiveness?
ii. Transfer?
iii. Across all 4 levels of the training
1. Reaction
2. Learning
3. Transfer
4. Organizational
b. What metrics will you use effectively and accurately measure outcomes?

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