The fighting between Roman Catholics and Protestants

The fighting between Roman Catholics and Protestants in the wars of religion reveals the ugly side of religion. Notably, although both sides worshipped the same God, one can observe that the Catholics felt threatened. Observably, the Church controlled the country’s politics, considering that the royalties belonged to this faith. Thus, they wanted to ensure that they maintained religious control. The emergence of the Protestant community seemed to present opposition. Therefore, the leaders wanted to kill this opposition before it spread further. Notably, such actions can make the victims more determined to fight for their course. This observation explains why the conflict lasted all those years. The Roman Catholics were intolerant of the Protestants. Thus, they planned to eliminate the movement. However, the country suffered a lack of peace, making it unstable. This situation enhances suffering in the population. Thus, it is essential to tolerate other worshippers to avoid the problem. 
This discussion impacts our class narrative because it expands the scope of debate. Apart from talking about the historical event in its context, it is essential to look at its impact on the daily lives of ordinary citizens. Members of the Protestant community lived in constant fear of attacks from the Catholics. Considering that most Protestants were ordinary citizens, it was difficult to carry out their daily chores. It was unfair to them because it increased their suffering. It also shows that the Roman Catholics wanted to maintain a religious monopoly even though they all believed in the same God. On this note, the class discussion must touch on the impact of religious intolerance in a nation. It helps to enhance the need for different religious groups to respect each other and maintain positive relations. It helps to preserve peace in the population. 
To summarize this discussion, it is essential to promote religious tolerance, considering that these events led to unrest in France for many years, including insecurity and murders. The Roman Catholics wanted to maintain their power by persecuting Protestants. It increased suffering among the ordinary citizens, considering that most Protestants were not nobles. Without religious tolerance, there would not be peace in the population. 

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