The five forces for the Burberry fashion company

Porter five forces 
There are five forces for the Burberry fashion company discussed here.
New entry threat:
Threats of the new entry are one of the five forces, the force is medium for this company, and the company needs sufficient financial support. Companies have heritage products, innovate new products, and companies need sufficient financial support to maintain the competition.
Substitute threats:
Customers always choose high trending brands with low prices. This force is a medium for the organization. The luxurious brand always targets customers; high-income customers do not change their brands easily. The increasing quality and fake luxury of Burberry has affected the business in case the company’s good quality of the products and loyalty of the brand increased the customer for purchasing the products (Niinimäki et al., 2020).
Supply channel strength: 
The force for the organization is medium. The supply channel of the company is medium because of the huge quantity of the manufacturing products. The partnership with some vendors supply unique materials like Peru, and it supplies cotton yarn to make trench coats; it has the top bargain strength in the market.
Bargain power:
The force is medium-low to the organization. The bargaining power of the purchaser decreased the cost of the products; this gave strength to the customer in extended situations.

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