The History Of The African Slave Trade

Part Three
The African slave trade started in Africa but made a triangle between Europe, the United States and Africa. It all started in the middle of the 15th century. The European expansion was to areas that had more tropical and semitropical areas that were unknown. The transatlantic slave trade began with the coming of Christopher Columbus. The Spanish monarchy had hired Columbus to find a passage across the Atlantic Ocean to the profitable markets of the Far East. He never reached. Columbus’s landmark voyage launched a long era of European exploration of the Americas and the hunt of its native peoples, bringing wealth to Western Europe.  They would ship the Africans to Europe so they could explore and report what they found.(“13 Facts about Slavery in Africa”) “As Thomas Morris clearly shows, racial slavery came to the English colonies as an institution without strict legal definitions or guidelines”(Finkelman). After they reported what they had found they would be shipped back to Africa or to the United States. They had to divide up what they shipped because what was being made was needed in multiple countries of the world.  “On the first leg of their three-part journey, often called the Triangular Trade, European ships brought manufactured goods to Africa; on the second, they transported African men, women, and children to the Americas; and on the third leg, they exported to Europe the sugar, rum, cotton, and tobacco produced by the enslaved labor force”(“The

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