The impact of risk factors and protective factors in understanding female offending

The impact of risk factors and protective factors in understanding female offending
The risk factors have a lot of effect on how people carry themselves in a community. The community must treat all people with equality to prevent the issue of one gender feeling like they are superior to the other. To protect society from women offenders, the government has to increase the number of mental schools that will help to teach people how they can control their emotions (Wardrop et al., 2019). Before someone commits a crime, it is always planned in their heads that they have to commit it, mental schools will help to kill that idea in the head before it can be executed to the public resulting in a disaster (Barberet and Jackson, 2017). The outdated traditions should be done away with as they are the ones that spoil the mentality of people. People should be aware of any illegal activity is punishable and they should try their best to live out of it. If they can kill t in their head, they can kill it anywhere (Wardrop et al., 2019). Sexually assaulted women are to seek guiding and counseling therapies that will help them not to have the thought of avenging what they experienced (Walker et al., 2017). Children in schools should be taught the essence of good behaviors that will keep them away from trouble (Ciesla et al., 2019). Society needs to be trained on how to transform negative thoughts into something that will be of help to the community (Maghsoudi et al., 2018). Whenever a person has that negative thought, they should be able to quickly shift their thinking into something positive. Women should be taught the dangers of abusing drugs since they commit the crime with impaired judgment which makes them t do things they might regret in their whole lifetime. 

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