The Importance Of Money In Politics

During every election season in America, citizens show their concern about the substantial amount of money used by politicians in their campaigns for various positions. Seemingly, increased expenditure in politics is a tradition whose impacts have escalated as more parties enter the political scene. Many American citizens think that the United States political system would perhaps be more people-centered if little money was spent on campaigning. Particularly, many people think that election financing contributes to corruption in the American political system; they believe that money used in politics causes a widening of the gap between the rich and the poor in the country. In the recent campaigns, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump advocated for significant reforms in the campaign finance system. It is important for the electoral body to have an oversight on political party financing to secure the democratic process in the country and to ensure that the wealthy do not have an undue advantage over other people because they can finance candidates for various positions who will be indebted to them.
In the United States of America, the terms hard money and soft money are usually used…show more content…
Federal Election Commission case. Despite the fact that money in politics is viewed in a negative way, it plays an important role in contemporary politics. Name recognition for politicians is not debatable as it is a key factor in the world of politics. Besides, campaign advertisements are useful to people who spend little time on television following political events, as they need to make decisions concerning their choice of leader. In this case,  such as  people may not have  political information and may rely on advertisements to make informed

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