The integral steps in statistical analysis

The selection of a sample is one of the integral steps in statistical analysis. In this current report, a sample of 50 houses was contained from the national database containing 1000 houses. The goal of the sampling technique adopted was to randomly select a sample that represented all the housing units across all the states and regions of the United States. During the sampling process, the random sampling function of the Microsoft Excel software was used. Given the Real Estate Data spreadsheet, a new column was created on the right-hand side of the data. Random numbers were entered into the new column using the random sampling function. The next step was to highlight the title row, select the filter option and arrange the random numbers in descending order. This process resulted in a random sample. The first fifty houses from the list were selected. This sample was extracted into a new excel sheet and used for analysis. 
Given the objective of the analysis, two variables were of interest. The response variable was the housing prices, while the predictor variable was the square feet. The scatterplot below shows the distribution of data values for the housing prices and square feed. 

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