Question 1.What are Angela Duckworth’s three main points?
Based on the studies that Angela Duckworth had carried out on success, she realized that success in the different fields was driven by grit. She introduces grit in three dimensions. One dimension is the passion and perseverance for the long-term goals. Grit also stands for having stamina that involves sticking with one’s future aspirations every day. Finally, grit can be viewed as a marathon, and not a sprint. In a sprint, success is achieved in a short time while in a marathon, one has to keep running for a long time until he or she reaches the finish line. These three points reflect that success is not something to be achieved in the short-term but is a result of repeated series of actions.
Question 2.Do you (in general) agree with each of the three main points? Explain why or why not?
I agree with Angela Duckworth’s view of determinants of success that she presents as grit. This is because long-term success in different aspects of life is observed when a person repeatedly does something and sticks with it until the end. Sometimes, one might experience challenges that might lead to a change of mind on whether to proceed with the ambitions or not. However, successful people such as Eliud Kipchoge, the current world record holder in the marathon, have indicated that perseverance, looking forward to achieving a certain goal and repeatedly practicing were crucial in helping him achieve the current world record of under two hours.
Question 3. Think carefully about your own career aspirations and personal “grit” style. Based on your replies to Questions

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