The literary interpretation of the notion of corporate social responsibility

Objective 1: To look at the literary interpretation of the notion of corporate social responsibility.
The study’s primary goal was to show the notion of corporate social responsibility through the eyes of Capital Maharaja Customers. According to the researcher, the survey questionnaire outcomes have approved H1 to achieve this goal. Sri Lankan consumers are cognizant of the notion of corporate social responsibility, as per the responses to the first six questions, therefore firms are obligated to partake in social responsibility initiatives. As per the literature review, various writers explored the nature and impact of corporate social responsibility.
Furthermore, in the literature review chapter, Blowfield and Murray (2011) stated that corporate social responsibility is a corporation’s obligation for the impact of its choices and actions on societal structure as well as the environment in a way that is ethical and honest fosters sustainable development through the advancement but also the welfare of the community, meets the aspirations of key stakeholder, and adheres to legal constraints while integrating the connections of the corporation. The conclusions considered all of this into consideration. A socially-minded customer is also increasingly inclined to contemplate public responses in his or her purchases or to use his or her negotiating authority to control societal changes, as indicated in Webers in the literature review.
According to the findings study, customers in Capital Maharaja Sri Lanka are more inclined to buy products from a company that practices social responsibility. Customers are also keen to modify their purchasing habits and pledge their support for socially responsible initiatives. In this regard, it has been stated that consumers’ disposable income is primarily used to introduce beneficial improvements in the community and throughout society (Mohr et al., 2001). Sri Lankan consumers favour ethically responsible businesses in this aspect. Consumers are also ethically obligated to acquire products from companies with good corporate social responsibility.

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