The main issue that Levendary Cafe faced with

Problem identification
The main issue that Levendary Cafe faced with Chen and the internal team, including Mia Foster, was his reporting process. Chen was the president of Levendary China; hence all of the formal duties were to be made by him. However, Chen was not able to share the reports regarding the business process and planning. Hence, the company lacked clarity from Chen’s side. Another crucial problem was related to the accounting standards in China, which were not as strict as in China (Mongay, 2011). Hence, the company had to implement new adequate measures for China, which made the company fearful about corruption. Mia Foster, the CEO of Levendary Cafe, faced issues regarding adjusting as per the requirements of the Chinese Advertisement Board’s leader. Although he adapted for the company and made some crucial changes in order to provide fruitful results to the company, Mia was not able to identify any benefits from those changes and implementation (Jun, 2016). In this regard, it is worth mentioning that without an adequately clarified vision, no company can survive in the market. Herein, as per the reporting, Chen lacked vision regarding the company mission, which was really problematic. Levendary Cafe was trying to implement the same policy as the Levendar US in China (Lee 
et al
., 2012). However, those policies and strategies were not proved to be as successful in China as in the US. Another issue emerged regarding the cultural difference between China and the US. Coffee was not as famous in China as in the USA. Another crucial problem regarding the case study is that Chen altered the core design of the company in a completely new way in order to give it a local look and feel. Levendery was famous for its classic looks due to the use of wooden materials in their shops. However, in this regard, Chen decided to change that entirely and use other material, which does not help the cafe in any way. 

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