The Needs of the Target Population

Needs of the Target Population
The needs of the target population include:

The need to create a safe working environment in the society to ensure efficient re- entry of previously incarcerated men into the labor world.
The need to give access to information on the laws and regulations that are against discrimination and promote equality in the employment sector.
The need to create awareness to the public on the current criminal justice system and its impact on the reform process of the incarcerated individuals.
The need to create a forum where there will be different forms of partnership with employers who are open to work with the program to incorporate employment of our target population.
The need to create a support group with the aim of ensuring career empowerment and development among the members of the target group.
The need to deal with the mental health that arises from the stigma associated with limited employment opportunities. 

Objectives of the Career Development Program
By the end of this program, the participants;

Will be able to enhance their self-efficacy. They will be able to learn to be positive about themselves and gain courage when they are finally ready to integrate back into the employment sector. 
Will demonstrate competence in successfully making job applications that are in line with their career goals. 
Will have acknowledged the importance of protecting their mental health.
The employees will demonstrate competence in understanding the impact of stigma on previously incarcerated people.


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