The Neglect Of The Elderly Essay Assignment

The Neglect Of The Elderly Essay Assignment
Write 2 pages thesis on the topic the neglect of the elderly in america. The Neglect of the Elderly/ Illustration Essay of the English of the Concerned May 4, The Neglect of the Elderly/Illustration Essay
It is sad to say that the United States of America being a very developed and rich nation fails badly when it comes to caring for the elderly. In fact, when it comes to caring for the elderly, many Asian nations happen to do much better as compared to America. The neglect of the elderly is an issue that is of immense importance. The elderly in the US are not only neglected by their children, but many a times they are treated badly in the nursing homes that are expected to care for them.
The Neglect Of The Elderly Essay Assignment
It is very common in the US to find elderly people who are ignored and abandoned by their children (Cox, 1993, p. 138). The aged people spend the prime of their life caring for and educating their children. Yet, when comes the old age accompanied by a lack of energy, an aged and wrinkled body, white hair and the accompanying medical issues, it is really sad to be abandoned by the children who are expected to care for their parents. The young people with their energy and the desire for enjoying their life consider the elderly to be a responsibility that stops them from living the life the way they want to (Cox, 1993, p. 138). They completely forget the sleepless nights, the extra hours at work, and the emotional commitment put in by their parents for them when they were young. The young people chose to abandon and neglect their old parents, showing no care for their medical, emotional and financial needs. Many young people consider their aged parents to be a burden that they need to avoid at any cost.
The Neglect Of The Elderly Essay Assignment
The neglect of the elderly is also widespread in the institutions like nursing homes that are expected to care for them (Brogden, 2001, p. 115). Many a times the staff employed by some nursing homes shows no concern for the special needs of the elderly. Some nurses and helpers lack a sense of respect for the elderly. They believe that since the elderly being weak and tired could not fight for themselves, they can therefore get away with anything. Families’ handover their aged family members to the care of nursing homes, believing that they will look after them well. In the past few years there have been reported many cases in which they elderly were badly neglected at the nursing homes (Brogden, 2001, p. 130). The instances of neglect included not providing the proper nursing care, not providing the elderly with the proper diet needed by them, and showing disrespect and unconcern for the elderly. This is indeed shocking and bad. It does not feel good to know that there are some people who treat the elderly so badly.
The Neglect Of The Elderly Essay Assignment
The citizens and the young people can do much to prevent the instances of elderly neglect. If they come across a situation where an elderly person is being neglected or abused, they can report it to the proper authorities. The elderly deserve to be loved, respected and cared for.
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