The new Omicron strain, BA. 2,

The new Omicron strain, BA. 2, is 1.5 times more transmittable than the original strain.
According to Danish scientists, covid variant BA.2 is 1.5 times more transmittable than the original omicron strain. Almost half of the United States have confirmed the presence of BA.2, with at least 127 cases as of Friday. However, there is no evidence that BA.2 strain is more severe than the original Omicron strain, known as BA. 1. BA.2 surpassed BA. 1 as the dominant variant in Denmark over the past few weeks. According to the UK Health Security Agency, BA. 2 has a substantial growth advantage over the original Omicron in England. Nevertheless, a preliminary assessment uncovered that BA. 2 does not seem to lessen the effectiveness of vaccines any more than the original omicron booster shot, whose effectiveness was 63% compared to BA. 2’s 70% effectiveness.
Is BA. 2 a variant of concern? The World Health Organization has not yet labeled it so. However, WHO sounds an alarm that the new variants will appear, as the Omicron variant spreads at a striking rate. 
According to the country’s health ministry, in Denmark, a country of 5.8 million people, 50,000 infections were recorded on Friday. Troels Lillebaek exclaims that it is now safe to presume that BA. 2 is behind the increasing numbers of new infections in Denmark at the present moment. 

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