The organizational culture of the healthcare industry

Basak et al., 2018 has said that if the doctors can follow up the clinical trial of physiotherapies for a certain time. This will help the doctors as well as the patients to understand the expected time for the therapies. In this way, the occupational therapist will also have a prolonged idea regarding the use of different therapies for the betterment of patients. Generally, in the post-surgical period, the therapist starts with some light isometric strengthening exercises that increase or change according to the requirement. If the therapists are not guided properly, then they will not be able to give a clear guideline to the patients regarding their required exercise, doses, and timeframe. Doses play an extremely vital role in managing pains and post-surgical issues. Hence, the doctors need to be more involved while prescribing the exercises or therapies. 
Participant 4: “The organizational culture of the healthcare industry is not only dependent on the occupational therapists but it is an inclusive effort of all service providers and service takers to behave properly to maintain a good culture in between. However, it is somewhat dependent on the therapists to make the patient comfortable with their words and activities. Hence, if the therapist uses proper communication and behavior it will enhance the organizational culture in the healthcare industry.”
It has been observed that despite having some between-group issues, the occupational therapists, as well as the other service providers, try to maintain a good healthcare culture in their respective organizations. It helps them to treat the common LET issues and modify them according to the requirements. Almost 81 per cent of medical practitioners and 71 per cent of hand therapists believe in workplace-based education to manage tennis elbow issues. In this way, the work process becomes more beneficial for the patients who are facing chronic and acute LET (Groovimovements, 2018). However, it can be said that managing an organizational culture not only depends on any particular group of service providers, but it highly depends on the collaboration and cooperation of the patients, doctors and OTs that enhances the workplace culture as a whole. 

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