The Organizational culture

Organizational culture has been described as the 800-pound gorilla. It is huge, cannot be ignored, there is little you can do about it, and, if you are not careful, it can easily crush you. Of course, managers and leaders need to do more than watch and stay out of the way. They need to figure out how to influence and shape the culture so it supports rather than detracts from mission and goal accomplishment.
Sadly, many leaders and managers either do not understand the importance of organizational culture or do not know what to do about it. All too often it defeats them before they figure it out. One classic example is Carly Fiorina’s short tenure as CEO of Hewlett Packard (HP). Fiorina failed to recognize the strength of what was known as the “HP Way” (a set of shared and deeply held values, beliefs, and practices that longtime employees perceived as important sources of competitive advantage for the company). As a result, she managed to alienate many stakeholders in a short period of time.

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