The outsourcing of EC services

The outsourcing of EC services may not be desirable when there is a transfer of human resources. In essence, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it challenging to move from one country to another due to fear of infection. Its effect on America is that the country may lack the necessary human capital to accomplish specific tasks effectively. 
b) Enter and summarize the differences between reverse and forward logistics. Also includes returns management.
Reverse logistics entails managing the movement of goods from a customer to the producer and even further to recycling. It links with returns management in that a company collects, organizes, and restocks the returned products. Forward logistics involves managing the movement of goods from raw materials to the consumer. 
Q2:a) PayMo recently introduced a system enabling buyers to change their purchases to their cell phone accounts. Do you think PayMo’s will succeed? What factors will play major role in its success and failure?
PayMo is likely to succeed in its new venture involving customers purchasing through cell phone accounts. It is convenient for customers and offers them safety. A significant factor that will play a major role in its success is user-friendliness. The connection between buyers and sellers is also influential in this scenario. 

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