The performance and behavior of students

The performance and behavior of students towards academics are affected by many factors. For instance, Students learning behavior is linked to students’ performance—expectations regarding performance influence the student’s behavior, reading habits, and prejudice towards the lecturer. Thus students’ judgment, satisfaction, and dissatisfaction contribute differently to the performance and behavior. Students’ justice perception is very significant to the life of students. It can motivate or demotivate a student.
The main objective was to relate students’ behavior and performance to the grades awarded. It also aimed at understanding the student’s predictions towards implementation and how it affects their motivation. The article also seeks to articulate the cause of reason and demotivation of students as far as expectations and performance are concerned.
The paper tries to relate students’ performance to the actual performance and their impacts. Also, the paper attempts to gauge the correctness of students’ judgment and prediction concerning the actual performance. Furthermore, the paper seeks to understand how the prediction and performance affect students’ behavior and performance in the future, together with the feeling towards the respective lecture.
The sample of this study consisted of 88 postgraduate students of a particular cohort. The students were given an assignment and asked to predict the grades before doing it. The performance was then compared to be expected after the results. The student’s justice perception was then gauged.
The measures taken were based on the opinion and feelings of the respondents before being awarded grades and after being awarded the grades. The student’s justice perception was then linked to the actual performance.
The study was done before and after the performance. The prediction of the cohort was accessed before undertaking the assignment and also after grading the assignment.
The study provided a correlation between over-expectations to poor performance. Prejudice of the students and over-expectation leads to demotivation of the students. Students awarded poor grades contrary to their prediction feel demotivated and may also develop negative attitudes towards the lecturer. The study also provided a link between good performance and motivation for the students. Students whose performance is correlated to their performance are more likely to be motivated and like the lecturer.
Practical Significance
The study is essential to understanding the underlying reasons behind students’ behavior and attitude towards the lecture, which is mainly shaped by the grades awarded. The correlation between motivation and grades awarded is significant when it comes to dealing with students.

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