The philosophy of building a harmonious society

Significance of Research 
6.1. Theoretical Meaning 
The philosophy of building a harmonious society as per the Chinese philosophy recognizes the moral education of the Chinese curriculum to be a part of social development [4]. From the 16th century, the education in China curriculum structure with the laissez-faire system has made the Chinese patriotic schools and the government schools with social charities carry out different frameworks of moral education. The missionary and charity education with the Chinese and Portuguese culture in the country makes globalization bring local and international moral education to be diverse. With the regional identity of moral values, the Chinese values bring more complex origins into the moral education curriculum, making globalization erode traditional values[5]. 
6.2. Practical significance 
This study would bring the Chinese government and the private schools to stress the globalization effect on moral education curriculum. The research aims to deliver the positive and negative impact on moral education from the Chinese educational framework. The need for fundamental law in oral education is stressed out for comprehensive training with personal quality in moral education. It has been found out that many culturally diverse negative impacts have led to the erosion of Chinese values from the local moral education leading to efficiency. The democratic principles with the local education system bring a high volume of moral education sufficiency into the Chinese curriculum. 
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Other information (if appropriate) 

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