The Pros and Cons of joining a Fraternity

The Pros and Cons of joining a Fraternity
Joining Faternties     Make sure to follow instructions below for the abstract.The Pros and Cons of joining a fraternity. Make sure to include race, economic status, social skills, and leadership opportunities. Include like you did before joining frats can cause drug addiction and alcohol .4 Different Journal Article summaries  400 words each. summarize each relevant article from the scholarly psychological journal(s). Only one of the articles must be an empirical article (original report of a study), the other two or three articles may be empirical articles or theoretical/review articles. Information from each of the articles requires to be summarized in the abstract section of the poster as well as being incorporated into the conclusion section.  PsycINFO     ( Each article summary must answer each question below).Google ScholarWhat is the back ground information (e.g., key concepts and ideas of the article related to multicultural themes, research hypotheses, rationales or explanations for the hypotheses, theory/concept development/discussion/debate) of the article?What are the key findings and/or implications of this article? How this article directly ties to your group’s topic?Then after the articles are done a 250 word abstract has to be done using instructions below. ( include in-text citations)Describe the importance/uniqueness of your group’s topic.Describe how your group topic directly ties to aspects of Psychology of Diversity (Clearly describe/define about specific diversity topic/concept/theme your group would like to explore). Summarize/Integrate/Consolidate 4 journal articles that your group have read.  How these articles directly tie to your group’s topic?Describe the menu that your group chose to further explore for your topic Briefly describe your selection criteria of the menu) Selected Academic Journals (these are only few examples…)Cultural Diversity

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