The Public Health Budget

Nursing homework help: You have been hired as an assistant to the public health officer for the state. The budget deficit has impacted your state, and with elections high on the list of worries, legislators are concerned about their public image and are contemplating reducing the public health budget for the state. You are being asked to prepare a presentation to persuade legislators not to cut public health spending.
Select a public health program/service that will be impacted by a recently proposed state budget cut.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to persuade legislators not to cut public health funding. Present the cost/benefit of the public health program/service, the expected impact of the proposed cut, and conclude with an alternative proposal.
The presentation should have a minimum of 15 slides (not including the reference slides).
Notes should be present with each slide describing the information on the slide.
Provide supporting information.
Use charts, graphs, and other visuals.
Please make sure to present some state and local data of the community that will be impacted by the cuts.
– Length: Assignment should be at least 15 slides, not counting reference slides.
– Cite your sources and include reference slides.

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