The Puppet Master Behind the Curtain

The Puppet Master Behind the Curtain;  
The California Scandal  
Andrew Moroz Purdue Calumet University  
Interest groups in the current world serve specific agendas that either benefit or disturb the general public. This paper will review and analyze the events of the Enron Corporation in association with the electrical shortages and demand increase in California in the turn of the century. By evaluating the corporate institutions motives and agendas, a clear path will show that Enron misused its size and influenced electric companies to manipulate energy prices, in order to leverage Enron’s market share and bolster profits to cover up losses that where attributed by unethical and even Illegal activities in the past.  The objective of this paper is to expose the carelessness of special interest groups to satisfy corporate greed without consideration of the general population.  
Keywords:  Enron, California, Electricity Crisis The Puppet Master Behind the Curtain;  
The California Scandal
Enron, a once thriving Houston-based energy titan, is now reduced to a cautionary adage among Americans to what massive failure corporate greed could lead to. At its core however Enron’s ethical and moral behavior was sound and seemed to be aligned with industry competitors. In an opening statement to the Enron Code of Ethics issued in July 2000, Lay wrote: “As officers and employees of Enron Corp., its subsidiaries, and its affiliated companies, we are responsible
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