The Relevance Of Processes

Examine the Relevance of Processes in How Individuals and Organizations Learn
Today establishments that learn are continuously refining their methods and services by accumulation and mixing of new ideas and knowledge (Silberman, 2013). In recent years’ changes in education, know-how, and guideline, along with growing technology development makes it harder for establishments for organizational learning (Silberman, 2013). Each level activities offer different duties in an institution and the supervisors evaluate reevaluate how best to improve productivity (Silberman, 2013).  
For a healthier understanding of how varying levels of a medical facility learn and share information, I have researched a small medical facility to identifies the significant differences or similarities associated with how the levels of the organization determine. It also provides an evaluation of two (2) great opportunities that are likely to have a positive impact in the organization I have researched, how I will implement these opportunities, and what changes may be required to overcome any obstacles that I can anticipate (Silberman, 2013).
Organizational learning allows for teams t

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