The relevant theories of organisational culture and employee turnover

Identification of relevant theories
The relevant theories of organisational culture and employee turnover are stated below. 

Theory of Diversity Management
Organisational Culture Theory
Theory of Organisational Equilibrium
Human Capital Theory

In terms of the diversity management theory, in terms of intersectional analysis, the diversity of an organisation can only be managed when the organisational culture of the company is too strong that can overcome the complexity of national cultures within the diversified employment (Denissen et al., 2020). That clearly indicates that the diversity management theorem is closely related to the human capital theory as the aims of these two theories are similar, that is employee retaining. As for the organisational culture theory and organisational equilibrium theory, the balance between the different cultures within a diverse organisation can only be created by a strong organisational culture that is the same for every employee irrespective of their cultural and geographic diversities. From the ethical perspective of the organisational culture of a business entity, it enhances intercultural communication as both the person is sharing a similar goal (Isotalus and Kakkuri-Knuuttila, 2018). Thus it can be said that all the theories related to organisational culture and employee turnover are based on the same aim, which is to strengthen the organisational culture and enhance employee performance by integrated cultural approaches, thus improving the organisation’s productivity. 

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