The Rise Of The Islamic Empire

From its beginnings in Arabia, till the time it reached its peak of power, the Islamic Empire was extremely proficient at expanding their influence. Islam reached from Spain to India and had a huge impact on people all across the known world.  Their success in expansion was due their use of tactics and methods to assist them in spreading their control. The spread of Islam was so successful because their faith made them vicious warriors, and their ideas were attractive to other peoples, making it easy for them to assimilate to the Umma. The Islamic faith was successful in attracting new people to their way of life. They were also able to use their strong armies to their advantage as well as their image of fear to control many people. To help further expand their reach, the Muslims used tolerance to gain the interest of monotheists and other people in their religion. The Muslims’ strong, faith driven warriors were instrumental in expanding their empire and sustaining the peace. The element of fear also helped control the conquered peoples as non Muslims were given few options. Those who were taken over by the Muslim armies had to choose to convert, pay a poll tax and obey, or be killed and have your children enslaved (Doc 1). People were likely to submit to the Islamic forces because of the possible consequences. Thus the Muslims were able to solidify their rule and move quickly on to the next target. The Islamic armies that swept across Europe, North Africa and Asia were

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