The Rise Of The Late Nineteenth Century

The late nineteenth century and early twentieth century was a time of strife in Vietnam.  
Transitioning from an independent to a colonized country caused the Vietnamese to resent their  
home land. With the rise of the soviet and their system of communism, the weak Vietnam was  
bound to be penetrated by the dominating power. With internal disunity and rebellions due to a  
pro-catholic president in a Buddhist dominant society, the defense of the country was marred.  
Since defense was down, take overs had begun and caused the beginning of a war that was  
mistakenly drawn out for over ten years which also caused the deaths and wounds of over  
millions of men.  
The truth of the war compared to the war that was envisioned, brought disappointment to  
the main power leading the frail South Vietnamese, the United States. The involvement of such a  
pugnacious country brought anguish to the poor region. With the waste of lives, time, and  
money, U.S involvement was one of the most unnecessary occurrences to the history of both the  
United States and Vietnam. One of the most prominent foundation of the fear was the speech  
given by Eisenhower in 1954. Labeled “the domino theory,” Eisenhower proposed the theory in  
concern to communism in Indochina. The theory soon became the justification for many  
presidents to perform ill-advised plans. The involvement of the United States in the Vietnam  
War was ultimately a mistake.  
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A war that everyone in

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