The Risky Business Of Romance

The Risky Business Found in Romance It is clear that Davis’s speaker in “The Risky Business Found in Romance” is an incredibly admirable erotic heroine given that the speaker in the Davis’s work represents various perspectives on love. Davis claims that love is fickle and poetry turns out to be over-worked, which this makes the author’s work full of emotions, life, passion and easy to comprehend. Apart from that, it should be noted that the poem serves as a dialogue between a reader and the speaker. Through this dialogue, the speaker presents the exploration of sexual modality via the candid inner voice of the speaker. The author created a strong relationship between the poet, speaker, and text, which is intimately expressed, making…show more content…
For instance, the aspect of love playing out excellently is revealed as there is a reverberation between the speaker’s voice and her love of art. Remarkably, this provides the suggestion that love is entirely a solo endeavor sparked by the psyche. The same psyche makes the audience to forestall loneliness by showing affection to other people. Nevertheless, through the voice of heroine, Shulamite’s speaker makes the reader understand the aspect of self-satisfaction which in most cases outshines the romance, thus resulting in meretricious love. Perhaps, the ability to speak from a bruised perspective is a contributing element that makes it possible to attain an erotic heroine. Therefore, the muskeg of lust has been expounded, making the lovers attain the courage of interacting.  
However, it is essential to speak about the poem per se. The Shulamite is described as a heroine in the poem “Song of Songs.” Although it is known that Solomon adversely influenced his reputation and development of Israel, especially more regarding destroying the institution of marriage than any other person in the history of Israel, the Shulamite woman left the glory of one of the largest kingdoms at that time to find true love which was quite a risky affair. With her life, she demonstrates the real love for the right man by searching through the nook and cranny of the city for the love of her life (Bloch and Bloch 67).

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