The rule of giant corporations

The essay analyzes the rule of giant corporations. When it comes to giant corporations, we think of big corporations like Facebook, yahoo, goggle, and giant factories, for example, joint corporations controlling trillions of dollars. Many people are saying that giant companies and corporations are going through the future world.
The information is power show how people accumulate power. An economy is a new form of power, and those who control power control the future. They usually track and recognize where you are, where you have been, what you have eaten, the direction, and takeoff time. Whatever you do and go is recorded. Anytime you operate a metro card, the information is recorded in the giant computer, and when you use a visa is recorded and sent through the central collecting agency. Furthermore, when you log in to Facebook, please send an email, buy anything through eBay and Tik Tok with friends. They can recognize where you are and what you are doing. 
In his book longitudes and altitudes exploring the world before and after September 11, Thomas Friedman shows a resultant phenomenon and is called the super-empowered individual. This means that one person could access the information on a computer and become very powerful than kings, presidents, and dictators of the world. Friedman argues that the economy’s future is going to be the age of sparing power individuals. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack ma are two super-powerful individuals. It does not mean they were born in wealthy families or their father was king or president. They worked to access the information and created their corporation. Mark Zuckerberg owns 109.8 billion dollars and Jack Ma 51.5 billion dollars. Jack ma has an empire called the alphabet with 241 separate companies. The Larry Page and Sergey brain, the Google guys, are mighty. 
Facebook, eBay, and AOL mail have also become the most powerful and influential corporations globally. The Alibaba Corporation; a Chinese multinational company specializing in retail, e-commerce, technology, and the internet. Jack ma in this corporation is 99% more potent than those controlling the corporation. Forget about dictators and kings, the powerful young men who have mastered the information and all the future powers. For instance, Elon musk, Sweden, jack ma, and Mark Zuckerberg, more powerful bass, discovered the electronic universe. The cryptocurrencies are not controlled by country but are part of American money.
They are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology enforced by a disparate network of computers, for instance, bitcoin. Super powerful individuals keep money through offshore banking where the government cannot realize the amount of money. The super-powered individual is interested in ruling, and we are coming to a time where the super-empowered individual will form a corporation that will dominate the future.
Over the last year, new technologies have begun to change every industry-leading to and the existence of a new human era. In early 2000, the new era of humans emerged. The corporations that have been able to adopt these innovations are the most valued globally and dominate the world more and more. 
The handful of corporations are the ever-greater concentration of the political and economic, meaning they should involve government on their market. National governments recently have been a significant cause of the decline. For instance, the countries cannot get an excellent response to climate change and the Coronavirus pandemic. The dashboard in the self-driving car show the direction, ultrasonic sensor, GPS, and speed. Many people access this information. 
Super-powered individuals have the freedom to look future. They see a tiny plutocratic elite where it will not be democratic but rather a super for individuals to reign economic, political, and even religious powers. These leaders will not be elected as leaders of these huge companies. In the future government will not be assertive. It is the corporation. They reject national and international laws and create their agendas. 

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