The social worker to facilitate change case study

This week your is feminist. You will use the same ( CASE OF JAKE LEVY). Use the “Dissecting a Theory and Its Application to a Case Study worksheet to help you dissect the theory. You do not need to submit this handout. It is a tool for you to use to dissect the theory and then you can employ the information in the table to complete your assignment.
In 1 to 2 sentences, identify and describe the problem to be worked on in your .
In 1 to 2 sentences, explain how theyou are utilizing defines and explains the cause of the problem.
In 1 to 2 sentences, use theto describe the role of the social worker to facilitate change in the case study.
In the assessment phase, you will ask to explore what the clients goals are and how they will get there.
Remember, theshould be driving the assessment.
Describe two interventions to address the problem and explain how the clients will implement the interventions.
Remember, theshould be driving the interventions.
In 2 to 3 sentences, discuss how you would evaluate if one of the interventions you identified is effective with the client.
Explain how, specifically, you will set the tone throughout your work with the client to reduce the hierarchical relationship and make it more collaborative.
Evaluate one strength and one limitation of thein working with the client.
Be sure to:
Identify and correctly reference the case study you have chosen.

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