The steps in the risk management process

The steps in the risk management process
The essence of risk management lies in maximizing the areas where we have some control over the outcome while minimizing the areas where we have absolutely no control over the outcome.
The steps in the risk management process
Requirement – Content
· Explain the concept of risk management and its objectives.
The steps in the risk management process
· Describe the steps in the risk management process.
· Explain the major risk-control techniques, including avoidance, loss prevention, and loss reduction.
· Explain the major risk-financing techniques, including retention, non-insurance transfers, and insurance.
· Apply the principles of risk management to a personal risk management program.
Your discussion should be supported by the relevant academic debates and appropriate examples from the world of practice.
Requirement – Format
The steps in the risk management process
Your research should be compiled in a written report, documenting the nature of it, its objectives, the dynamics and the actual findings linked to the theoretical material of the course.
The work must be word-processed and must be within 2800 to 3000 words. Your work should include the cover sheet for this assignment (it is available on LMS). The font type used for this report must be ‘Times New Roman’ with a font size of 12. Line spacing of paragraphs should be 1.5.
The written report should be submitted online via LMS.
The steps in the risk management process
Please, note that the deadline date for submission is the 27th of April 2022.
The number of required reference is between 5 to 10
PPT presentation should be sent through email.
Academic Guidelines for the Submission of Assignments
All your written assignments should adhere to the following guidelines:
· Hard copy to be handed in on the due date specified on LMS calendar. Soft copy submitted via Safe Assign. Assignments submitted by email will not be accepted.
· Black text on white paper, A4 size
· Word processed (typed), not handwritten
The steps in the risk management process
· Maximum font size 12 pt.
· Use a normal (non-italicized, non-bolded) font, Times New Roman is recommended
· 1.5 spaced paragraphs
· Quotations and footnotes may be single-spacing.
· The writing should be mechanically correct, meaning (minimally) at a level we expect of university students: proofread, written in complete sentences with correct spelling and punctuation and proper citation of sources.
· Use APA as your main form of citation. In-text citations are mandatory.
· Number all pages except for the title page.
The steps in the risk management process
· Staple the papers at the top left corner.
The End…Good Luck

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