The Stock Market Crash

In America’s pastime, there were many conflicts that continued to help shape America. Citizens were becoming more aware and concerned about how America was managed, as conflict was becoming a regular misfortune for the country. Events such as progressivism, the roaring twenties, and the stock market crash may have seemed like a negative time in the United States at face value, but the overall impacts and effects helped establish innovations that still positively influence the lives of citizens today. Progressivism can be loosely defined as a way to progress towards better conditions, which is what many people aspired to do for their country during the Gilded Age. This ideal came about when people began to see poverty become more popular throughout the country, and many blamed the government. Americans believed the solution was to have the government fixed before it could fix other problems. Muckrakers were the first people to articulate progressive ideas by uncovering corruption, targeting government and social problems, and raising awareness through journalism and literature. Herbert Spencer was one man who tested the idea of natural selection through his book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. Spencer strongly reinforced individualism by applying the theory of evolution and natural selection to human society. He believed society became better because only the fittest survived and those who didn’t gradually died. Some industrial leaders began to use

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