The target market for the products is middle

Manuka Honey Mask is an organic skincare product popular among women. The product is applied as a mask with the primary goal of improving skin appearance, hydration, and moisture. Manuka Honey Mask is an organic product that brings a range of benefits to its users, especially those suffering from acne problems, because it is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. According to Ginta, the Manuka Honey Mask is a product that has historically proven beneficial to its users because of its low pH, which heals pimples and healing properties such as the killing of harmful bacteria that cause inflammation and pain. Manuka Honey Mask is an inexpensive product compared to the market prices, which currently is about $64. The product’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is 100 percent organic and has no side effects common to non-organic skincare products.
Furthermore, Manuka Honey Mask is easier to apply because the user is only required to spread one tablespoon and sit on the face for about 20 minutes before cleaning. The main reason this product is increasingly becoming popular in the market is the increasing shift by consumers who prefer organic products that are much safer to use and are environmentally friendly. Therefore, Manuka Honey Mask is a product that will offer customers satisfaction by improving their skin appearance, offering other health benefits such as fighting bacteria, and a great way to save money.
Questions to the Target Market
The target market for the products is middle and older women who have used ono-organic products are planning to start using or have tried organic skincare products before. The five questions for the target market include:
What health concerns do you have about using skincare products?
Have you ever tried both organic and non-organic skin care products? If Yes. What do you think is the best choice that a customer should make depending on both benefits and risks?
What is environmental impact do you think beauty products have when they are not produced naturally?
Would you consider purchasing an organic product over a non-organic one that achieves the desired outcome faster, or would you rather use something organic that takes time to bring out the desired look?
What vis your opinion about using naturally made beauty products than chemically produced products?
Purpose of the Survey
The main thing that I hope to find from the survey is the customers’ knowledge about organic beauty products and their understanding of their benefits compared to the chemical beauty products. The most important thing that the survey is looking to determine is whether the customers know the difference between organic and non-organic beauty products. After getting their responses, the survey will seek to determine whether they know about the health benefits that organic skin products such as Manuka Honey Mask can offer to their skin. Additionally, the survey seeks to determine whether the target market is willing to switch to much cheaper and less risky skincare products but with a slower outcome. Lastly, the survey will seek to find out if the popularity of the organic skincare products correlates with the increasing concerns about the environment, if it is cheaper, or whether the non-organic products have failed to meet their expectations.

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