Theme Of The Pearl By John Steinbeck

Critically acclaimed, with over thirty novels and novellas to his name, John Steinbeck wrote in a socialist style about common pedestrians trying to make a living during the Great Depression. All of his novels contain elements of Steinbeck’s personal life and struggles, including his undeniable lack of Christian faith. While he knew about Christian ideology, was antiquated with the human condition, and even dedicated several of the themes of his books to it, he showed increasing dedication to a more naturalistic viewpoint. Many scenes and metaphors contained in his novel The Pearl pertain to nature and its malevolent qualities. Even though he does not believe in Christianity, he does include religious characters, mostly for satirical effect,…show more content…
Can the priest who is barely noticeable be considered a major role in this novel? As a person who believes all details are worthy to be noticed, I believe that the priest was not only intentional but also one of the main themes of this book. Heavily integrated into this book as the theme is the greed of man. It is represented in Kino, the doctor, his neighbors, the priest, and the pearl dealers, which is the main section of characters, excluding two. The reason that the greedy priest is so important pertains to Steinbeck’s personal view of the church. The priest, instead of being a man of God, who wants the best for people, wants to achieve his own agenda. This is the view that Steinbeck has on organized religion, that it is only a means to an end, and if there was a God then he would be useless. Why put our faith in a fantasy when we could put our actions into an attainable scheme? That is Steinbeck’s reasoning and the entire reason that the priest is inserted into this novel. So the priest is, in reality, a vision of Steinbeck’s opinion of organized religion, that it is only a face for a bigger plan and the men who control that plan are corrupt and greedy, however

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