Themes of A View from the Bridge

Examine Miller’s use of language and dramatic devices in helping the audience to understand the themes of A View from the Bridge.
In the play, ‘A View from the Bridge.’ Arthur Miller uses a variety of language and dramatic devices. These techniques are used to express the play more creatively, helping the audience to develop an enhanced understanding of the text. He uses elements such as character and language to convey the in-depth meanings of the themes within the play. In the play, Miller includes the authorial omniscient character,
Alfieri. Alfieri’s role in the play is extremely important. He helps to justify the themes, and makes them more palpable to the audience.
In the opening of the play, Alfieri first appears to…show more content…
The motivation of Eddie Carbone’s character seems to be provoked by justice, masculinity, jealously and love. Coming from a Sicilian background Eddie believed that the man should be the leader of the household and that everything goes by him first concerning his family and that he should stand up for those close to him. You can see that he believes this by the way he talks to Catherine, ‘why didn’t you ask me before you took a job?’ this shows that he wants Catherine to ask for his permission before accepting the job in order for him to feel like he is the boss and as he was not consulted first he feels threatened. This is one thing that in the end leads to Eddie’s downfall because he was trying to be so manly it was unjust to show emotion. Eddie’s avuncular approach towards Catherine motivates him a great deal in a way that he is so protective of her that he does not allow her to go out wearing revealing clothes , ‘I think it’s too short.’
This proves to the audience that he is jealous over what other men might think of Catherine and wants to 

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