Therefore, racial minorities, women, the LGBTQ community

America is increasingly becoming an intensely multi-ethnic nation with incremental diversity in its population. Members of Congress are selected by popular vote like every other position that bears representative democracy. The popular vote is essential in America since diverse populations have diverse needs. Therefore, racial minorities, women, the LGBTQ community, and veterans, among other groups in America, are likely to trust people of their group to represent them and intervene on their behalf. This is likely because they expect such people to have undergone similar problems and, therefore, are motivated to alleviate such issues.
According to xx, most Americans, especially young Americans, are regularly put off by partisan politics. They resent the commitment and tendencies of representative party members to commit to ideologies just because of their parties. Therefore, when they vote, they are more focused on leaders that can solve issues pertinent to their problems. Consequently, the quality of representation is improving and more representative of the US economy. It is interesting to see veterans and people of color holding Congressional seats, hopeful for the voters.
The political power of a population refers to the ability of a people to influence events and outcomes in the political sphere. With the diverse population well-represented, these representatives will likely raise their concerns. There are multiple engagements that the population can reach out to these representatives, such as emailing or writing letters. Additionally, it is easier to target such representativeness when they know they can relate. As a result, the diverse population increasingly wields more political power.

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