Thesis Statement Body Economic Merits

General Introductory statement Thesis Statement Body Economic Merits Learning to make prudent economic decisions More efficient than older shoppers Social Demerits Leads to bullying Creates immature in relationships Commentary Significance of human feeling Potential social issues Knowing how to shop Real commercial environment Conclusion Thesis Restatement Personal opinion Reference Page The Internet as an obstacle:
Economic and Social Negatives for the Next Generation Introduction The internet has influenced our lives and relationships in various ways. Computers and mobile devices connect us to the internet in ways only dreamed of in the past. Its use increases exponentially and new media is always is added. It is impossible to fathom the…show more content…
First, they learn how to make wise economic decisions when shopping there. As a marketplace, the internet offers much more than what any single brick and mortar store can to mom or pop. Because of this, the internet simplifies comparison-shopping and offers buyer reviews about products and services available there (Riemann

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