This I believe, essay.

This I believe, essay.
Life is not always black and white, as most people think the experiences and events we encounter change our perceptions about things differently. These experiences are likely to change or strengthen people’s values or beliefs. Being the firstborn in a family of three with a single mother, I was forced to balance school and my extra job. The job was to help my mother raise my siblings and pay for my school tuition. One evening while coming from work, I came across an older man who only needed help with his car, and I was willing to help. My gesture of humility made him enquire more about me as I was helping him. Finding out how I was struggling to pay my school fees and struggles at home, he gave me a full scholarship and promised me a job at his company on weekends when I was free. I could not believe how little things could change our entire life, that kindness and humility could attract so much more than we know. The small things we do to others could attract so much more than we can imagine now my school tuition fee was catered for, and I could still make some income on weekends for my upkeep, all in the name of helping others with the least expectation.

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