Those who are bearing the cross of HIV for a long time

Those who are bearing the cross of HIV for a long time –
According to the most recent figures, 101,200 persons in the UK are infected with HIV, with 13,500 of them being ignorant of their status. This year alone, there are over 25,000 new infections in the UK. HIV can be clinically managed for the long term in patients who are identified early and receive continuous antiretroviral medication. However, if patients do not know their HIV status, as is often the case for those who have not been diagnosed or lost contact with their health care provider due to symptoms or loss of medication, they are at risk of developing AIDS and the associated stigma. Because HIV was just discovered in the 1980s, long-term care for persons living with HIV is still a novel concept with no preceding body of information to build on. Consequently, it remains controversial. As the initial group of HIV patient’s ages, services are evolving in real-time (Thakur and Hale 2022).

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