tools and molds in addictive manufacturing

you need to create term paper by using 20 different this term paper you can add sections like introduction which is based on tools and molds in addictive manufacturing, different tools and molds considering addictive manufacturing are uses in industry now a days (different methods), future scopes, challenges and opportunities, conclusion.
this report should be submitted in word file and the report should contain the list of references from where you find data. These references should be written by using need to write all of the information by considering speacific matireals.
the report should contain 18 to 20 pages.
following world limits, you need to keep in mind while writing:
  Abstract (150-200 words) 
➢ Introduction (600-700 words) ➢ An overview on the selected topic (process, Structure, property, performance, and based on the topic, you will review all these on a specific material) ➢ Conclusion (150-200 words) ➢ References (Use Mendeley otherwise I do not accept your document)

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