Top five Companies in Gaming in 2018

: Top five Companies in Gaming in 2018
Source : Shen (2021).
Recommended Marketing Mix
Tencent Games has undertaken marketing mix strategy to overcome competition in the gaming industry and to remain profitable. When it comes to products, Tencent Games has a unique array of products that are differentiated from those offered by other firms. To maintain high quality in its products, the company should continue using the differentiation strategy. The games provided by Tencent Games are free of charge. However, if the company decides to charge a few games due to some reasons, it should use the competitive pricing strategy. While Tencent Games has established itself as a leader in the Chinese market, it has attained this through minimal marketing. In the industry, however, other firms have embraced aggressive promotional campaigns that have forced Tencent to increase its investment in promotion. To better promote its products, Tencent can use celebrity endorsements and cross-border cooperation to expand its market. In terms of place, Tencent Games is currently targeting Chinese players. To do better in this aspect, Tencent Games should major on cross-border cooperation to increase its market share.
From its mission statement and core values, Tencent Games should have a functional set of strategies in all areas to achieve its objectives. The gaming company was launched in 2003 with the intention of spreading happiness and joy among players and connecting them through gaming experiences. The company offers a series of games and this allows the company to spread risks because when one game fails, it is replaced by the other. Its SWOT analysis offers a clear view of the market. The economic growth of china offers the company an opportunity to grow while the government position is a threat. The company’s technology and collaboration is its source of strength while the ever-changing mode of games reveals its weaknesses. A well structured approach can also help the company to be at a better competitive position. In terms of core strategy, the company can adopt the cross-border strategy to partner with other customers beyond its borders and that this will reduce the competition it faces from local rivals in China.
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