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Read Trifles (Abcarian 963-975)
Answer the eight (8) “For Analysis” questions on Abcarian 975-976 in at least 250 words.
Submit your responses to the “Reading Response #4” assignment by 11:59am on Wednesday, July 7. 

“For Analysis” Questions:

What is the meaning of the title? Glaspell titled a short-story version of the play “A Jury of Her Peers.” Is that a better title than Trifles? Explain.
What are the major differences between Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters?
At one point, Mrs. Peters tells Mrs. Hale a childhood story about a boy who killed her kitten. Why is she reminded of this event? What does it tell us about her reaction to the Wrights’ marriage?
Which of the two women undergoes the most noticeable character development? Explain.
In what ways do the relationships between the two couples–Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, and Henry Peters and Lewis Hale–change by the end of the play?
Do Henry Peters and Lewis Hale change in the course of the play?
Why are the men unable to see the clues that become obvious to the women?
Can you suggest why Mrs. Wright is the only one identified by her birth name?

 Review the “Examples of Logic in Trifles“ handout 
 Review the play and identify at least three (3) examples of logic that you plan to analyze in your essay and briefly explain why chose each one. Remember, syllogisms are used to break down and analyze sound logical arguments. In contrast, logical fallacies are errors in logical thinking. Pick the logical concepts that will help you support your thesis. 

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