Two different types of contractor and form of collaboration of the work

Compare and contrast two different types of contractor and form of collaboration of the work 
Management contractor:
The management contractor is a procurement approach that manages the team members and the employees to do a particular task and work related to the product. In the Volkswagen company the management team forms their team at an early stage so that the  team can do their work more efficiently and also improve the cost and build the concept of growth of their company by dealing with major issues and solutions in the market and also decreasing the risk interface (Habibi., 2019). The contracting management focuses on every function and every work going in the company like from maintenance, security of the employees, implementing new technology to build vehicles, suppliers etc achieve their goals. The management team of Volkswagen  recruit expertise when they require to develop some unique and innovative products, not for all time, reduces the demand of other countries when there are limited options and observe the employees effort in their work and provide them with sufficient amount of requirements to motivates the employees to work in a systematic and logical way (Shelton., 2018). The management contractors also deal with the vendors and supply for the particular project. The management contract had a section that shows how to do everything with the compensation of the management company. The management contractor also includes the financial management and technical management to run the company in a proper way. 

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